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Kosher Catering & Shabbat in Miami Beach | Luxury Kosher

Luxury Kosher Events

Luxury Kosher Events is a kosher events and catering company, who operates a beautiful events venue and ballroom in the hearts of Miami Beach, and providing kosher catering services for any kind of occasion at our events halls or anywhere else in Florida. 

Call us to get more information and to plan your next event.

Shabbat in Miami Beach

Visiting or staying for Shabbos in Miami Beach?

Having a Simcha? or just looking for a kosher getaway:

Luxury Kosher is your place to go, offering the nicest and most generous Shabbos and Yom Tov meals, serves in our beautiful Shabbos dining room, and including all your Shabbos needs! 

shabbat miami beach
kosher room service

Kosher room service

Luxury Kosher is offering kosher room service to many high-end hotels in South Florida and we can help you with kosher food during your stay and for your travel and trips.

Our Kosher room service is featuring kosher-sealed real ceramic plates and nice dinner silverware, in order to fully enjoy your gourmet meal.

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